open sides, allowing for easy loading and unloading of oversized or irregularly shaped cargo that cannot fit inside standard containers.


Lashing is the process of securing the cargo on the flat rack container to prevent movement, shifting, or damage during transportation. This

is crucial to ensure the safety of the cargo, the vessel, and the personnel involved in the transportation process.


The issuance certificate is a document that certifies that the cargo has been properly lashed and secured on the flat rack container according to the relevant regulations, industry standards, and best practices. This certificate is often issued by a qualified cargo surveyor who is responsible for the cargo.

Flat rack lashing and issuance certificates are related to the securing and certification of cargo on flat rack containers. Flat racks are specialized containers with

  The certificate will typically include information such as:

  1. Description of the cargo: Details about the type, dimensions, weight, and quantity of the cargo being transported on the flat rack container.
  2. Lashing procedures: Documentation of the specific lashing methods and techniques used to secure the cargo on the flat rack.
  3. Compliance with regulations: Confirmation that the lashing procedures comply with international and national regulations and industry standards.
  4. Date and location: The date and place where the lashing and issuance of the certificate took place.
  5. Issuer information: Details about the individual or organization responsible for conducting the lashing and issuing the certificate.

The flat rack lashing and issuance certificate plays a crucial role in providing assurance to all parties involved in the transportation process, including shippers, consignees, shipping lines, and insurance companies. It ensures that the cargo has been properly secured and mitigates the risk of damage or loss during transit.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and procedures for flat rack lashing and certification may vary based on the type of cargo, transportation mode (sea, rail, or road), and applicable regulations. As such, it’s always essential to consult with industry experts and follow the guidelines provided by the shipping line or relevant authorities when dealing with flat-rack cargo.

Consignment Detail: –


No.Flat rack No

Cargo Description/

Type of packing

Qty.Lashing/ securing methodOut Of Gauge (OOG)

– Steel Cable Dia.16mm (MSL 6.8 tons)

– Turnbuckle Dia.18 mm (MSL 4.5 tons)

– Shackle (BL 20 tons)

– Wire clips

– Wooden block

– Lashing belts (MSL 3.0 tons)

– Hand ratchet tensioner (MSL 3.0 tons)

Over width right:

Over width left:

Over height:

Note: The above lashing certificate format is only a draft sample. On the actual copy attending surveyor’s stamp/ signature/Date

            will be reflected.